Stereotype has it that ancient Scandinavians were cruel and rough-mannered warriors with little to no interest in anything beyond their plundering campaigns. In truth, however, the Norse had their own idea of beauty and elegance, which reflected in the jewelry they made. Indeed, apart from being excellent fighters, the Vikings were strikingly good at jewelry

Dr. Silver

Dr. Silver
The ancients made medical use of silver based on their intuition rather than knowledge. Silver plates were widely used in Egypt to cover wounds for quicker healing. It was not uncommon for distinguished Roman legionaries to wear breast and elbow pieces made of silver plates, which prevented infection of new wounds.   Cyrus of Persia
Coincidences are made to spice up our lives. Oringo`s first directly book-inspired jewel came up from two different drawings living on a same book spread. Somehow they connected in the mind of our designer, Helena Maslova.