As far back as I can remember, everyone in my family has been hungry for new stories and knowledge, so there has always been a home library wherever we have lived. Luckily, there were no fancy devices in a small village in the 90s, where my childhood took its course, so reading became an unbreakable habit for me, my happy place. I have been reading a lot since I was four.

In 2004 my mother, the keenest reader I have ever met, opened her jewelry company and in 2010 I decided to join her. From day one "Oringo" is a small honest business focused on creating unique jewelry to share kindness and beauty, regardless of current trends. In some of our jewels you may see the direct influence of a book, while some of them are about other things and feelings. However, books always stay at the core of our perspective on the world we live in.

Each "Oringo" jewel is made of Sterling silver, a classic silver alloy, the safest for the wearer, but at the same time the hardest for a jeweler to work with. We do not use any modern additives and keep the manufacturing process as traditional as possible. Each "Oringo" jewel is handcrafted and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Except the jewelry that we design by ourselves, we also offer a chance to anyone who has their own silver dream. There is no need to be a professional designer, we accept drawings and paintings made in a way a dreamer of any age is capable of making. To learn more about this feature or ask any questions about “Oringo” please send an email to: oringo.anton@gmail.com. Please note that we never copy anything that has already been made. 

Thank you for coming here and reading my story. 

Yours sincerely,
Anton Maslov.