About us

As a small-town kid born in 90`s I was early taught to educate and entertain myself by reading books. My mother read anywhere anytime (and she still does) so I could not help but mention that books might be a thing. There was always a huge bookshelf whenever we have lived. She never tried to make me read, but from time to time I noticed different books appearing on my table. Each time it turned out to be the book that answered my question or sent me through time and space. I still can not thank her enough for teaching me that.

In 2010, while being excited by mother`s jewelry designs and feeling her passion, I started noticing her frustration. The jewels she loved the most were usually not recognized by the stores, while “Arizona” was a wholesale company without its own store. Moreover, resellers could not offer the level of customers service that her jewelry deserved. That is how I came up with “Oringo”.

Even though books have always played a huge role in our lives, we had not been making jewelry inspired directly by books until spring 2018. One sunny morning I saw my mother surrounded by colleagues trying to guess what her new design is about. It was a small simple ring looking like a hat. “Wait a minute” – I said. And just before I wanted to name it, she flipped the ring and everybody around started laughing and smiling.

Now we have a significant collection of jewels inspired by beloved books from all over the world. We call “Oringo” a book lover jewelry because we know that it will be treated especially well by those who read. However, there is no need to know the background of a thing to simply enjoy how it looks and feels.

Thank you for reading our story. It is still being written by everyone who trusts us.

Yours sincerely,
Anton Maslov.